When your customers are considering the right garage door for their home, you will need the following:

I. Essential (basic) information:

  1. Style (model), color and window options.
  2. Width and Height of the garage opening.
  3. Headroom – distance from the top of door opening to ceiling or distance to the first obstruction.
  4. Side-room – distance from sides of the garage door opening, to the left or right, to any obstruction.
  5. Backroom – distance from header (inside, above door opening) away from the garage door opening to any obstruction.
  6. Operator needed.

II. Additional information:

  1. If a lock is required, outside lock or inside slide lock.
  2. Spring option (torsion or extension) – torsion recommended.
  3. Track configuration – 15” radius (standard), 12” radius, hi-lift, low-headroom front torsion, low-headroom rear torsion, and available on commercial doors: high-lift above 36”, vertical-lift and follow-the-roof pitch. Also, vertical track mounting options are: bracket, continuous tapered angle or reverse angle.
  4. Windloading: your job site may be in a county or municipality which requires doors to withstand certain high wind pressures. Ankmar Garage Doors has several windload-certified models available to fit most needs. Please verify the building codes for the job site.